- In connection with attempts of DDoS attacks, measures were taken to optimize the server load.
- We decided to start keeping a funny log, which contains requests with attempts to attack the server. In other words, your attacks on our site are now in the public domain.
- ".onion available" button available now.
- Fixed SSL errors on some old browsers.
- Added support for all mobile devices.
- Added support for all resolutions (from 240x320 to 2K)
- Fixed fonts.
- Added timer.
- Added status info about server.
- Onion link milleniumsulm4hjok4hkrxrp5zjyyxppohlwxsmnw3l5x275cpcmzad.onion available now.
- Link millenium-lottery.com available now.
- Added PGP key.
Project released.
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