1. How to play?

In order to play our lottery you need your own bitcoin wallet.
On our website there is a wallet with QR code, this address is the address of the lottery.
After transferring funds to the lottery address, each wallet is get number of tickets according to the share of its participation.

2. When to wait for the result?

The algorithm begins to calculate daily at 00:00 GMT.
Immediately after calculating the results, payment is paid.
Transactions may need time before receiving the first confirmation of the blockchain network.
In case the sent transaction has received confirmation after 00:00, the transaction will be processed in the next day lottery.

3. Why is the lottery called open?

Because the address of the service is public.
This means that, unlike other lotteries, you can check the real amount of lottery, payments and number of participants.
Most lotteries are constantly artificially overestimated the sums of lotteries and the number of participants, real profitability, it all becomes possible thanks to the implementation of all processes in hidden from users and closed commercial lottery registers.
We use blockchain, so you can always get real data, no one can fake blockchain data, which is why there are no public lotteries except us, this excludes the possibility of extracting additional profit, for which many of them are held.
You can read more about lottery abuses soon.

4. Why is the minimum participation amount is 0.0001 BTC?

The reason is that payments below this number break the payout function.
In this regard, it is necessary to scalp all operations below the specified amount before executing the function.
Also, for payments below this amount, the total commission on the reverse transaction may exceed the participation amount of such participants.
This would allow abuse to be created through mass sending of microtransactions, which would inevitably generate costs.
Therefore, all participants with participation less than this amount donate their funds to the fund for the development of our service.


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