Millennium is an automatic open bitcoin lottery built on golden ratio.


Millennium is very different from most lotteries.

Firstly, the system is transparent, any user can check the lottery results in the publicly available blockchain, as well as see the number of participants, their contribution and all payments based on the lottery result.
This cannot be achieved under other conditions without creating serious abuses, bitcoin largely depersonalizes participants and this opens up the opportunity to make lotteries absolutely transparent.

Secondly, we do not hide the distribution function and the algorithm for calculating the payoff.
We have posted information about the function in a separate section that can be found in the menu.
Our function uses a binomial probabilistic distribution with a probability constant equal to 0.618.
This value is a golden attitude that has been repeatedly applied by people at all times.
We posted detailed information about the function on a separate page, which can be found in the menu.
In the course of long tests, this ratio was chosen as the most optimal one, providing moderate controlled risks, which makes it possible to apply more complex strategies for planning participation in lotteries.

Thirdly, each individual user has almost zero probability of losing all funds.
The number of tickets is determined from the share of participation from the total amount of the lottery.
This prevents possibility of loss of all funds, but also excludes the possibility of obtaining one-time super-income.

Fourth, stable.
Our lottery runs automatically and every day, 365 days a year.
The algorithm runs at 00:00 GMT every day.
Our site is not related to the technical part of the algorithm, so the lottery will work even in the conditions of active DDOS attacks.


Our service does not have authentication systems, you do not need to leave any personal data or contact information to participate.
Your only identifier is your wallet address.
This is enough to carry out the lottery.
We considered the idea of ​​using various authentication methods, but their implementation introduces many potential threats and slightly expands the functionality of the service.
Due to the lack of the need to maintain databases, our users are not subject to the standard risks associated with theft of databases and accounts with funds.
Nevertheless, the threat of phishing exists.
Despite the fact that your data is not stealing, you can get on a fraudulent copy of our site with another Bitcoin address.
Please keep our PGP key and our address to avoid this problem.


The lottery was based on the bitcoin currency. Bitcoin itself is a decentralized and uncontrolled, and most importantly, transparent currency.
Bitcoin does not fall under any currency legislation of any jurisdiction, which means that each participant can freely participate with any amount without the risk of blocking funds.
The idea of ​​using cryptocurrencies has become a balanced decision based on the experience of interaction with regulators.

The list of cryptocurrencies will be expanded in the future.
Adaptation of the algorithm for other coins is in the process.


We do not use dynamic content like Javascript.
JavaScript provides convenience instead of security. The need to apply dynamic content was not found.
JavaScript can be actively used mainly for advertising goals for tracking actions and generates a digital user signature.
JS can load malicious scripts and connect you to third-party domains.
We recommend that you disable Javascript on all sites in the darknet environment.

We do not use tracking cookies.
We do not collect personalized information about you and do not inspect your behavior in order to improve the quality of the service.

We do not use analytics and statistics.
We do not monetize traffic and do not have such agreements with third parties.


We do not store any data other than the blockchain history.
We turn to the blockchain to obtain the addresses of the participants,this information is enough for the work of the lottery.


The lottery is performed only in Bitcoins.
We do not take operations with currencies of countries, thus avoiding currency and banking regulation.
We do not produce KYC / AML checks in relation to wallets, do not track the cleanliness of the means and do not block the wallets.
We process mathematical tasks in the system of blockchain by a specific function and are not a regulator.
We cannot issue information about participants in legal requirement, since we do not store and do not collect any identification information.
We do not fall under personal data legislation (GDPR).


Сountry regulators block crypto services, casinos, lotteries and many other services on ISP level.
The Tor Project is the main way to combat censorship today.
You can always go to the site through Tor Browser.
Anyway, lottery bitcoin address cannot be blocked.


We support the Tor project.
5% of the service's revenues are transferred to support the tor project.
In support of Tor's ideas, we have developed a website and service with the calculation on Tor Browser with maximum security settings and tested the performance of the entire site on it.
We also raised our own v3 .onion site in the Tor environment.





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